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Since 1984, CPU has been an industry leader in information technology in Quebec, offering its expertise in technology, infrastructure, product deployment, technical support and professional services. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, we can help you meet your challenges in information technology. CPU provides its customers with a high level of satisfaction, by offering quality services that are valued and recognized by its partners and the industry.

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For companies to remain competitive, they need to be more productive than ever. Let us help you identify your needs and create a plan that will keep your organization in tune with changing technologies. Our team of experts are here to serve you.

At CPU, we provide you with essential IT services to successfully handle minor to major security breaches. Our knowledge of the Intelligence Community allows us to effectively help your company or agency thrive, so you can work to avoid any interruptions or setbacks.

CPU is a global IT solutions company with years of relevant experience in the industry. Our team is determined to provide result-oriented and comprehensive mobile application development services. We are committed to offer complete web solutions, web application as well as portal development services at the best prices.